Submitted by: Kevin Proff
Phone: (310) 3868163
Name of Senior Community: The Canterbury
Senior Community Address: Street Address: 5801 Crestridge Road
City: Ranchos Palos Verdes
State, CA
Zip Code: 90275
Country: United States
Phone: (310) 541-2410
Veteran’s Name: Daniel Hegyan
Recipient’s Biographical Informaton: Born in Detroit, MI. After his service, he went to the University of Southern California, then to the University of Michigan in 1960 to received his degree in chemical engineering, with assistance from the G.I. Bill. He has not flown in 1947.
Branch of Military Served: Army Air Corps/ Air Force
Dates Served: September 18, 1943 to September 1946, then went into reserves until 1958
Military Rank: Captain
Highlights of service: He was a navigator and bombardier in a B-29, as a 2nd Lieutenant. He flew in one mission, dropping bombs on Tokyo. He had a total of approximately 20 hours air time. Received training in navigating by stars and dead reckoning, then learned to use radar.