Recipient Name Dick Albright
Recipient Age 74
Recipient’s Biographical Informaton: Uof Illinois BFA 1961, NFO Commissioned 3Nov61; RAD 7 May 65; Inact Rres. Industrial Designer–Boeing, Lockheed, Hughes, Sierracin, SpaceLabs Project Eng, Design Eng, 1 Son (Justin–MS Aero Eng–Boeing HB) Can provide Resume if interested. Thx
Branch of Military Served: US Navy
Dates Served: 13, Jun 1961-7, May 1965
Military Rank: LT USNR (Ret)
Highlights of service: After Commiss at Pensy, flew as NFO Anti-Sub Air Controller in EA-1E (AD-5W)VAW-11–two Westpac Cruises, drilled with VR Squadrons at Los Alamitos and Seattle. Tx to RetRes 1976 (HonRet) After 9/11 joined Ret Act Office 2001 -2008 (Director 05-08). First flight–Piper Cub at UofI, second flight C-47 “Gooney-Bird” w/cousin Capt Theisen USAF. One night ditch, Couple jet trainers, Primary anti-sub. Got sub 2 sweeps on radar. Rewarded with sub time afterwards. Always hoped to fly in stagger-wing open cockpit. Best HS buddy has Pitts. Still have flight suit, jacket, helmet, boots, surv gear keepsakes, etc. Hope to fly, but will be on tarmac anyway. Thx Mr. Fisher, nice chat, will do more. RWA