Name: Gene Waith
Age: 87
Branch of Military Served: U.S. Navy
Dates Served:
Military Rank:N/A
Eugene Waith was born on Oct 15, 1925 in Brooklyn New York. He  resided there for 80 years until his move 7 yrs ago to Georgia.  Registered to the Navy in 1943 at the age of 18, Eugene was one of the first African Americans on the USS Mid Way Air Craft Carrier (which at the time, was the largest ship) as a Yeoman 2nd class, working alongside the Executive Officer.  Eugene was aboard the USS Mid Way for 6 months.  During his stay on the vessel traveled to and through the Antarctic. One of the crew’s missions was to see if they could get Airplanes to land safely on the iceberg’s (they lost a few planes during the process). The USS Mid Way was one of the last vessels to hear of WW2″s ending.  When news came the crew was issued an honorable discharge.  Mr. Eugene Waith has a plentiful history that he does not boast of, nor does he ever mention what a talented artist he is. But simply take a look at some of his past or present works or have a word with him about some of his experiences and it will be very clear that there is much more to Mr. Eugene then meets the eye.
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