Contact Person’s Name Mike Trerotola
Recipient Name Mike Trerotola
Recipient Age 90
Branch of Military Served: US Navy Reserve
Dates Served: 1943 – 1965
Military Rank: LT. Commander
Highlights of Military Service Mike flew the Boeing Stearman in primary training in Olathe, Kansas. He spent 23 years in the Navy reserve, 18 of those years where at Los Alamitos Naval Air Station.He flew several different aircraft including the 65 horse power Porterfield, Vulltee (SMV), AT6 (SMJ), and the Hellcat.His squadron was commissioned in SandPoint, ID and trained in Pasco, Wa until being sent to Gilliespie Field east of San Diego, CA.He then sent to Los Alamitos Naval Air Station where he flew the Hellcat,  (TBM) Torpedo Bomber by Martin, Corsair fighters, F9 Cougar Fighter and AD5 Sky Raider.