Recipient Name Robert Freeman
Recipient Age 83
Recipient’s Biographical Informaton: He was a Korean War Veteran. He was a flight mechanic and loved the Air Force. As a civilan he was an aerobatic pilot and owned many small airplanes. Piper Cub, (open Cockpit) Aeroca Champtaildrager. Cessna 172, 150. etc. He is wild about flying.
Branch of Military Served: Air Force
Dates Served: 1952 -1956+ 2 yrs. in National Guard
Military Rank: corporal
Highlights of service: He was a aerobatic private pilot and loves all things air. He was a flight line mechanic… This would be a thrill for him to go up in the open cockpit airplane…A thrill of his lifetime at his age. The family is all excited for him to have a possibility to enjoy this adventure.