Contact Person’s Name Debbie Perry
Contact Person’s Email
Contact Person’s Phone (940) 381-3000
Name of Senior Community or Living Center Willow Bend Assisted Living and Memory Care
Senior Community Address Street Address: 2125 Brinker RoadCity: DentonState / Province: Texas

Postal / Zip Code: 76201

Country: United States

Senior Community Phone (512) 7184822
Recipient Name Ray Quinn
Recipient Address Street Address: 1019 CR 123City: GainesvilleState / Province: TX

Postal / Zip Code: 76240

Country: United States

Recipient Age 68
Recipient’s Biographical Information At the age of 17 Ray joined the army on October 8th 1962. His training started @ Fort Knox KY for approximately 8 weeks. After a 30 day leave he was stationed at Ft Sill Oklahoma for training in an Artillery unit. He was trained on the 105 Howitzer. He completed my training there and then volunteered for Paratrooper school @ Ft Benning GA. Ray said, “How crazy I must have been, but because some of my buddies volunteered, I said “what the heck” it can’t be that bad! So off I went with the guys. Upon arrival at Ft Binning GA, the first thing I saw was a 250 ft tower. I knew then I must have been out of my mind for signing up for this. I was pretty scared to be honest! “During his training, they were taught to jump from various airborne planes, such as the C-130,C- 124 and helicopters. They did a lot of physical training and were also taught in night jumps, water jumps, combat jumps. After the completion of training the time had come for the real thing. It was time for a scared 17 year old kid to parachute from a real C-130 airplane. He was so nervous but pride pushed him out the door. WOW! What a push that was. Upon graduation from jump school & receiving my wings, it was time for celebration, but not for long. It was soon after that the orders came for him to be sent to Okinawa. He was assigned to the 2nd 503 Airborne Artillery unit in 1965. He then was sent to Vietnam and re-assigned to the 173rd Airborne Artillery unit stationed in Bienhoa. After serving time in the Armed forces he was discharged. He can say he was proud to have served his country and If he had it to do it all over, he would do it again. He said he never lost the nervousness during his approximate 350+ jumps! Ray is our Maintenance Director at Willow Bend and goes to the community every Sunday to provide church services for our residents.
Branch of Military Served: US Army, US Paratrooper
Dates Served: 1962-1966
Military Rank: E-4
Highlights of Military Service Parachuting, Shooting the weapons, and practicing skills at the firing range.