Hi Darryl-

Thank you very, very much for the flight last Saturday in the Stearman, and signing my logbook!

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to fly around town and beach with you; and to imagine the various scenes Errol Flynn played in “Dawn Patrol”, dropping bombs on munitions trains and flying circles around other WWI biplanes.  And circumnavigating the globe in 20 minutes at1000 feet was something I had only done in helos.  The flight with you is a memory I will happily keep as one of the unique times of my life in the air that wasn’t horrific.  Some of the others are stories for my grandkids.


And speaking of grandkids, here’s another one for you:  Last Monday my son opened an ice cream store he built in Orange, California.  He named his store after his grandson, Andrew, who is 5 years old in Kindergarten.  And his next door neighbor in the shopping center is SportClips, one of your sponsors!


Again, my thanks to you,


Sel Ramsay