Page served in the Navy during WW2.  He flew Stearmans in training (over 100 hrs).  Flew the PNY for a year then the PBM. Sent to Brazil to do Uboat patrols in early 45. Then sent to Philippines post war for 6 months. When ordered back to states was told to fly plane back 6000 miles. They stopped at Saipan and other pacific islands for a couple days at a time, they all had free booze as the officer clubs were closing post war and it took them a week to get to Hawaii. In HI they picked up 18 passengers and were flying a bunch of Thompson machine guns and revolvers they had taken illegally. When they got back to the states they were met by a man in a black uniform and red beret, they freaked out, but he just poked his head in the plane and said he was from the CA fruit dept and made sure they didn’t have any illegal fruit!