Ralph is 98 and served in the Navy during WW2.

Graduated watchmaker school in 41. Volunteered after Pearl Harbor but they wouldn’t take him because of his bad eye sight. He went to work at a watch factory and eventually was drafted into the Navy Seabees in Fall 43. Sent to Saipan. Was a watch repair guy there. Has lived a whole career as a watch repair guy, and at 98 years old, still works 6 days a week repairing watches at a shop.

Funny story, he was sent to Saipan on an Army transport ship with an Army crew who were given Army rations (beans). The Navy gave their guys Navy rations before they got on (much better than beans). Well, the Army crew served both the Army and Navy boys the Army rations of beans the whole trip, and took the Navy rations and sold it on Guam. When that ship got back to the states the FBI was waiting for them and the 2 commanders spent the rest of their service time at Leavenworth.

Pictured with grandson, Doug.  Thank you for your service Ralph.