The Foundation’s Stearmans

Our Foundation has three Boeing Stearmans.  Each has it’s own unique history.



This Stearman (tail number 49295) was built in 1940 and was manufactured in the Boeing Airplane Company in Wichita, Kansas.  It was used by the Army and stationed in Sikeston, MO, Hemet, CA, Oxnard, CA, Glendale, AZ and Ontario, CA.  A wholesaler located at the old Beaverton, OR. Airport bought it from the military after they turned it over to a disposal agency designated by the Surplus Property Board of the U.S. Government in 1945.  William L. Fisher (our founder’s, Darryl, grandfather) purchased the plane in 1946 for $1,500 (the original cost of the airplane was approximately $11,000 in 1940).  Bill Fisher, Darryl’s father, took his first Stearman flight in this very aircraft.  William sold it in 1948 to Wen Airco in Wenatchee, WA.  In 1983, Tom Fisher (Darryl’s uncle) purchased the plane to use as a spray plane.  Darryl purchased the plane in 2004 and had it completely restored.  This plane has flown four generations of the Fisher family and is near and dear to the family.  It gave its first Dream Flight in July 2011.  Today, it produces most of the Foundation’s Dream Flights as it serves the eastern United States.


This Stearman (tail number 371SD) was built in 1942.  It was also manufactured by Boeing in Wichita, Kansas for approximately $9,000.  Although the plane was commissioned by the Army, it was loaned to the Navy and sent to Naval Air Stations in New Orleans, LA, Lambert Field (St. Louis), MO, Dallas, TX, and Clinton, OK.  It was turned over the government surplus company in 1945 to be sold to private individuals.  This aircraft was also used as a spray plane and later purchased by Bill Fisher then later, Darryl Fisher.  It was fully restored around 2009.  It gave its first Dream Flight in August of 2011.  Now, it primarily serves the western United States.



Our third Stearman (tail number 58986) was built in 1944.  Like the others, this was manufactured for the Army by the Boeing company in Wichita, KA for approximately $9,000.  It was stationed at Sequoia Field, CA (between Vilisa & Dinuba), Tulare, CA, Lancaster, CA, Bakersfield, CA, Sacramento, CA and Ogden, UT.  It was turned over to the government disposal company in 1950.  It, too, was used as a spray plane and used by a family-owned business called Meek Dusters in California.  Bill Fisher purchased it in 1982.  Once the plane was restored, it gave the Foundation’s very first Dream Flight on March 29, 2011 in Oxford, Mississippi.  This aircraft serves the midwest section of the U.S.