Message From Darryl Fisher

The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is a non-profit organization established and dedicated to seniors and United States military veterans, living in long-term care communities that have always had a burning desire to soar like an eagle. For these “Golden” individuals, we provide the opportunity to experience the thrill of an Ageless Aviation Dreams Dream Flight that includes riding in the cockpit of a Boeing Stearman, the airplane used to train many military aviators in the late thirties and early forties.

Today, many of our former United States military pilots live in senior communities. We want to take them back to a place in time when they were invincible, ruling the sky as proud military aviators.

Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is dedicated to every senior, living and deceased that helped build this great nation. Let their memory live on in every DREAM FLIGHT flown from this day forward.



Darryl Fisher,
President, Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation