Received September, 2016 from Rene’e (Activity Director) in Asheville, N.C.

The Veterans at Bella Vista Gracious Retirement recently went up for a ride of a lifetime over Asheville, NC. We also had one of the Veterans wife’s fly, she still has a smile on her face and is telling everyone how wonderful it was.
This was our third year to have this experience and it gets better every year. Also this year we met some of the managers from Sport Clips. They were awesome! Thank you girls for all you do!

Received from Suzanne in April 2016

What a nice crew. They made this ride day awesome for Dad and a blessing to our family. Thank you for this mission and ministry!

Received from Kelly in January 2016

They came to where my dad lives ~ Citadel Assisted Living, in Mesa, AZ. On 30 January 2016, they Honored him ~ and other Veterans/residents ~ by giving them a wonderful day to remember. Dad hasn’t smiled like that or been THAT happy in years!

Received 10/22/15 from Robert in Lincoln, CA.

My father was so happy. He had a hard time sleeping during his afternoon nap because he was so happy about the day. Please thank everyone for this great opportunity w my father. What a blessing you guys are to so many Vets. I brought tears to my eyes when I seen how happy my father was after the flight.

Thank you so very much…


Received 10/20/15 from George in Olympia, WA.

It was the most exciting day of my life and one I shall never forget.

The folks involved in this venture, including you (the pilots), your wives, and your assistants couldn’t have done a better job of making all of us feel more welcome.  Thank you all for a most perfect day.


Received 9/25/15 from Dick in Sequim, WA

Thank you, again, for a joyous day.


Received April 17, 2015 from Susan in Chico, CA

Just got back from the airport and the guys are still beaming!!! What a terrific time they had!

Your guys are absolutely amazing with these gentlemen! They truly have a genuine and generous heart to do this for these veterans. I watched them as they so very carefully loaded each man into their seat….over and over and over all day. And they never faltered! They were just as respectful at the end of the long, tiring day as they were at the beginning of the day!! Those two guys made a lasting impression on all of us!

Thank you so much for doing this! We were looking at one of the planes out there in the museum and there are three names on it of men that were residents here and actually flew with you guys last year, but have since passed. You just don’t know when that day will come for the others. I am so thankful they had this chance today!!


Received March, 2015 from Karen

Outstanding organization! They not only are giving back to vets in a huge way but creating memories for them and their families to last a life time!!!


Received 5/16/15 from Darlene in TX.

WOW!!!! We had a blast… First rattle out of the box was Hoot asking if Darryl had a license.Paul was first to fly, a very happy man…Barney was next we got pictures with his fireman hat on in the plane…Jim scared us all while getting in, Darryl ask if he was ok, he let out a scream then a big smile… We had a stowaway on the bus 88 year old Sally, she may be 4 foot tall and no one knew she was planning on a ride today. Hoot wants to give up his ride so she can go up, but AADF made it possible for both to fly. All you could see when she was in the seat was a little bit of white hair sticking up. She exited the plane with the biggest smile ever and was stepping a little higher than normal.
Now its Hoots turn…Darryl told him he had heard his age was 98 Hoot said yes, Darryl told him he looked 108. The airport was very nice!
GREAT DAY for residents and staff of Autumn Leaves.


Received 3/19/15 from Kristen, Florida Health Care, Tallahassee, FL.

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for all that you, Darryl and Mike (Sommars) did for the residents at Seven Hills and Brynwood earlier this week. Everyone was so thrilled and it truly was an amazing experience for all of us- the residents, the staff and Emmett and I who got to see the smiles on their faces! FHCA is definitely interested in a future partnership with AADF and coordinating these opportunities with our Florida members when you make it back here in the fall.

Received 3/18/15 from Cheryl, Allegro, Tallahassee, FL

Oh what a wonderful day you bestowed upon us. Thank you soooooo much for contacting me about Ageless Aviation Foundation Dreams. The residents that flew are still flying around! What a great experience. Darryl and Mike (Sommars) were absolutely the best.

Thank you again for arranging such a fabulous memory for all of us. Hopefully this will be the first of many encounters with Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation. My face hurts today from smiling so much yesterday!


Received in 2014 from Karen

Love this organization.  What a treat for former vets to be able to go back up.  My father hasn’t stopped talking about being back up in the same plane he learned how to fly in.  The men who took him up were wonderful and I wish them all the best. You made this vets daughter very happy seeing her father’s smile.


Received 10.13.2013 from Keith

It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday as you gave flights to veterans from the Taylor Glen Retirement Center, including my brother Tom.  He was thrilled to get a ride in the Stearman, and I was thrilled to get to see such a beautiful, fantastic bi-plane up close.  You have a great service to veterans, and it is heart warming that people like you take the service all over the country to reward veterans for their service.  I hope you can keep it up for many years.

I’m reminded of a t I made to the Air and Space Museum restoration facility at Suitland, Maryland a few years ago when Tom invited me to be his guest there at a tour and luncheon.  Additionally we met two generals from the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in 1942.  At the luncheon there was an old gentleman who told everyone at the table about his flying experiences and the planes he owned and flew.  A young woman at the table asked when he started flying, and he replied that it was at age 16.  Then she asked when he stopped flying, and he enthusiastically said he had not stopped because he was only 92.

I hope you had a safe flight to Atlanta.  It would be a pleasure to meet you again some day.


Received Sep 13, 2013 from Max:

I was shocked and pleased to see the video of my 95 year old Dad at the “911” Ceremony in Roseburg Oregon, nor did I know he trained to be a Stearman Pilot while in the Army during WWII. The flight made his day. Thanks so very very much.