Dream Flight Donor

Greetings Dream Flight Donor

How do you give the seniors or United States veterans living in long-term care communities who have sacrificed so much for this great country.  Someone who has given so much to this great nation and ask for nothing in turn.  The solution, an Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, Dream Flight is the perfect gift.

The flight of a lifetime for a senior

Imagine someone you know that has made a major positive impact on you and the life of others soaring through the sky in a Boeing Stearman aircraft. The wind from the open cockpit blowing their silver gray hair and for that one moment in time they are no longer a senior, they are the young vibrant person they once were, doing something they never believed possible.  As a foundation, we have seen it first hand and it is a moving experience that is beyond explanation.

What you and the recipient receive when sponsoring a Dream Flight

The most gratifying thing you receive from sponsoring a Dream Flight is knowing  you are fulfilling a life-long dream for a special senior that has given so much back to others. You also receive an official Ageless Aviation Dream Foundation “Dream Flight Donor” certificate.  Additional copies are available upon request.  The recipient of your Dream Flight will receive an official Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation photograph of them with the plane on flight day and a “Fight Completion” certificate.

What it takes to make a Dream Flight happen for a senior

You can give a Dream Flight to that special senior today.  Simply click on the Give Back button below and your tax deductible sponsorship donation of $250.00, will make their life-long dream become reality. You can also send your donation to: Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, 1894 highway 50 E. #4-451 Carson City, NV 89701.

Thank You,

Darryl Fisher
President, Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation