Foundation Donor

Foundation Donor
The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is non-profit organization built on the philosophy of “Giving Back To Those Who Have Given”. The foundation’s focus is on recognizing seniors and veterans living in long-term care communities–helping them fulfill their dream of flying. One hundred percent of the Foundation Donor funds are used to further the foundation’s mission and educate youth the on flying.

As a foundation donor, your donated funds are used to support these non-profit programs:

  • Annual Dream Flight tours
  • Senior and veteran services

We understand there are many places to donate your  money.  But ask yourself this, how do you support the one group of individuals that have given so much for all of us?  The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is one answer.  Please help the foundation “Give Back To Those Who Have Given” by becoming an annual foundation donor.

For more information on how you can become an Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation donor, please contact:

Darryl Fisher
1894 highway 50 E. #4-451
Carson City, NV 89701
Cell: 775-737-8906