Individual Application

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Please complete this application and press, “SUBMIT”.  A volunteer of the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation will contact you about availability once a date has been determined to be at an airport close to you.  If we have just visited your city, it might be another year before we are able to come back.  We will hold your application and contact you when we have set that date. If you are willing to go to another state that you see listed on our calendar, please note that in the application.

Please understand, submitting an application does not guarantee that you or the person you are nominating will qualify for a Dream Flight. The committee reviews each application and selects the Dream Flight recipient based and many factors including but not limited to the health of the recipient. By submitting this applicant you agree to allow Ageless Aviation Dream Foundation use the name and any pictures taken of the recipient during the flight for future Ageless Aviation Dream Foundation promotion materials.